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This is the Monument of the Unknown. A virtual memorial for the unknown people

About the monument

What is this all about?

The world has an stimated 7.800 billion people as of 2021. You don't get to known every person of course, and even if you were to gather all the people who know each other there will always remain a lot of unknown people. People who nobody knows, people who have been forgotten, people who have been unjustly slandered and so their deeds ignored, etc. Every day, every hour, every minute, perhaps every second, there is an unknown person out there who has done great acts for his or her community, for humanity as a whole, or maybe even a small act of good that nobody knows or cares even to remember. In the same way there's people right now being victims of any kind of injustice and who will never ever get any justice nor be remembered. They'll suffer the worst of the hells out there, and yet mankind will never know them nor will care about them. As you are reading these lines there's somebody out there doing deeds of good or being victim of injustice that nobody will ever know.

Well, those are the unknown I mean about. The ones nobody know, the forgotten ones, and so on. Those who will never be aknowledged. To those people is the "Monument" dedicated. Imagine how many people are aknowledged for stuff they don't do, whose lives are a complete lie, and so on. What about the ignored ones?

What is the Monument?

A monument is precisely a memorial dedicated to something or somebody, and as such the "Monument" we talk about is exactly this, a memorial dedicated to those people who nobody knows, remember or aknowledges. The monument so far will be only virtual/digital but it would be great if such a monument could be built for real. The author of this site does not have money to create a lasting monument in rock or some material but it would be nice if such a feat could be ever done.

The purpose of the "Monument of the Unknown" is to remember all those people. To those out there whose crying nobody hears, whose heroic deeds nobody cares about, all those people who know some truth and have to live in silence, ignored or even being attacked, I do think about you. For you is this small memorial, wherever and whenever you are, this is dedicated to you. The silent sufferers, the discreet heroes, the falsely accussed. May there be a memorial for you and shall this be in honour of you all.

I like the idea and would like to make this a real life thing

I appreciate your good intentions but so far I'm not well versed in a way to make this real. I know about fundraisers and stuff like this but I don't know how much would be needed for such a thing, where to do it, etc. Also due to the particularities of the place where I live now (2021) it would be pretty much impossible for me to make such a thing here. But I'm not closed to the idea of creating the Monument in physical form, if you think it would be possible to make such a project real and have plans, feel free to let me know

About the Author

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